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Taking Digital Photos Inside the Kaleidoscope by Jerry Farnsworth

A Kaleidoscope maker, image creator, and benefactor of this site, Jerry shares about how to use your digital camera to capture the inside image of a kaleidoscope.
Mirror Configurations and Images
Now see a sample digital
image gallery of some mirror systems.
Drawings and explanations will be added
Math and the Kaleidoscope
One of our interests is providing and sharing the educational aspects of the kaleidoscope to as large of audience as possible. To that end Kaleidoscope heaven wishes to help promote the "Scopes for Schools" program.
How to Build A Kaleidoscope
Thanks to Kaleidoscope Artist John Haug

Site of the month

Projection kaleidoscopes are a reality. Jerry Farnsworth has created 6 new scopes to project real kaleidoscopic and moving images. These images are sized from 3 feet to 90 by 90 feet. Videos are on the 2nd page....WOW
Math and the Kaleidoscope
Read this article and answer the request for your input on the "Scopes for Schools" program. Nancy Lenard, a well known educator, in math and kaleidoscope enriched education, and creator of the program is interested in your experiences.



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